Monthly Archives: January 2016

Before You Make That Phone Call…Tap!

Have you ever needed to make a phone call to resolve a dispute, correct a billing error, or report a disruption in service? And have you ever been really, really angry when you made that call? If so, the call probably didn’t go well. Maybe you lashed out at the person who answered the phone and they in… Read More »

Tapping for Confusion and Scattered Thoughts

Have you ever felt confused and scattered so that you had a hard time concentrating on the important tasks you needed to get done? Sometimes scattered thinking is the result of having too much to do. Sometimes it’s because you’re tired. Sometimes it’s because you’re overwhelmed by a task that seems to large or difficult. No matter what… Read More »

Slender Me Guided Meditation

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect your physical body? Perhaps you’ve had the experience of dieting and exercising religiously . . . but not losing any weight? The truth is, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a POWERFUL affect on your physical body, and losing weight becomes much easier when you start thinking… Read More »

Feeling Abundance Guided Meditation

One of the biggest challenges of attracting more money into your life is that so many uncomfortable emotions come along with financial challenges. You feel stressed, unhappy, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, and “broke”. The stronger those feelings are, the harder it is to shift into an abundant state of mind. But you really need to adopt an inner state… Read More »

Tapping for Anxiety About Money

(Note: This audio is part of our Tapping for Money program. If money is a “big issue” for you, please click here to learn more about using tapping for money blockages.) When you feel anxious about money, life feels like a major challenge. As hard as you try to get more money flowing in, all you seem to… Read More »

Tapping Audio: Let it Be Easy

Does it sometimes seem like your entire life is filled with struggle and strain? Like nothing can ever be easy for you? This often happens when you have a lot of resistant thoughts and stressful circumstances in your life. You end up feeling like you’re moving through thick mud, and every step you take requires a tremendous amount… Read More »

Helpful Tips for Tapping in Public

As you practice tapping more and more, you might encounter a time when you feel a need to tap in public. Like while you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair, when you’re in a tense meeting, or any situation where you feel a need to release stress or frustration. Like many other people, you may not be comfortable launching… Read More »

Surrogate Tapping for People and Animals

There are few things that make you feel as helpless as watching someone you love suffer, right? Believe it or not, you can easily use tapping to help ease pain and discomfort for others – and yes, it really does work! Search on the internet for “surrogate tapping” and you’ll find tons of personal accounts from people who… Read More »

I Don’t Have Time to Tap!

Once you’ve seen the dramatic benefits of daily tapping, you notice dozens of opportunities to use it on everything from aches and pains, to stress, to those little annoyances that come up several times a day. The problem is, we’re all so busy that it can seem like a chore to squeeze one more thing in to an… Read More »

When Tapping, Focus on the Feelings

I’ve said before that tapping is one of the most powerful and effective tools I’ve ever used, and it continues to amaze me day after day. However, now and then it doesn’t seem to work on a particular issue. I’ve mentioned “aspects” before, and that’s an important thing to keep in mind as you clear various problems. But… Read More »