Tapping Out the “Blahs” Script

By | January 11, 2016

How to Create a Great Mood in Just Minutes

One of my favorite ways to use tapping is as a quick and easy “mood booster”.

You know those days when you just feel “blah”? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or just plain old cranky for no reason. Tapping can change that in mere minutes!

Here’s how I do it:

I start by tapping on the Karate Chop point and say:

“Even though I’m feeling really “blah” right now, I’m willing to spend a few minutes to change that.”

“Even though I don’t think I can feel any better than I do right now, I’m going to tap anyway.”

“Even though part of me wants to stay miserable, I completely love and accept myself and my feelings.”

Then I start tapping on the points (in any order or sequence) while focusing on all of the negative stuff I want to release:

– “I’m letting go of this “blah” feeling.”
– “I’m letting go of lethargy.”
– “I’m letting go of frustration.”
– “I’m letting go of unhappiness.”
– “I’m letting go of stress.”
– “I’m letting go of anxiety.”
– “I’m letting go of fear.”
– “I’m willing to let go of these feelings that aren’t serving me.”
– “I’m tapping them away right now.”
– “I’m tapping away all of this negativity.”
– “I’m clearing out my energy system so I can feel better.”
– “I’m releasing all negativity from my body and mind.”
– “I’m willing to start feeling better.”
– “I deserve to feel better.”
– “I give myself permission to feel better.”

(Note: If there is something specific that’s bothering you, you can also tap on it directly during this session: “I’m feeling anxious about this interview; I’m worried about my daughter; I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the promotion . . .”)

After just a couple of minutes of tapping on the heavy feelings, I feel quite a bit lighter and ready to focus on more positive feelings:

– “I’m ready to start feeling better now.”
– “I’m ready to feel good again.”
– “I’m ready to feel happy and carefree.”
– “I’m ready to boost my mood to a nice, happy place.”
– “I already feel quite a bit better.”
– “I’m grateful for that.”
– “I like feeling light and happy.”
– “I like feeling carefree and stress free.”
– “I like feeling productive and focused.”
– “I like feeling empowered and confident.”
– “I like feeling in control of my life.”
– “I’m grateful for these positive feelings.”
– “They’re flowing through me now.”
– “I feel good! I feel a lot better than I did!”
– “I’m going to keep these good feelings going.”
– “I’m going to make today a great day!”
– “There’s nothing I can’t handle today.”
– “There’s nothing that can get me down today.”
– “I choose to feel good, no matter what!”

Keep going until you feel that your mood has improved, which shouldn’t take that long! Whenever I do this exercise, I’m able to completely turn around a negative or “blah” mood and create a great mood FAST – usually in 5 minutes or less. Even if you find that it takes a little bit longer for you, it’s still time well-spent, right?

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