Tapping Script for Anger

By | January 11, 2016

Anger is such an intense emotion that it makes a great target for tapping. In my own experience, just a few minutes of dedicated tapping can clear out even the strongest feelings of anger, leaving you feeling calm and centered.

Even if the person or situation that triggered your anger hasn’t changed, you feel much more in control, so that you are better able to deal with it.

When I’m tapping for anger, I often skip the set-up statement and launch right into a full tapping session on all of the points. However, if you still prefer to use a set-up statement, below is a good example.

(Note: Where I have capitalized some words, say them with a lot of passion and emotion in your voice. That will help you to really tune into your feelings.)

While tapping on the Karate Chop point:

“Even though I’m feeling SO ANGRY right now, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.”

“Even though this anger is taking over my whole body right now, I love and forgive myself.”

“Even though I am so angry I could scream right now, I give myself permission to feel this anger and move through it.”

Then start tapping through the points while repeating the following statements:

Eyebrow point: I am SO ANGRY.
Side of eye: This anger is so big.
Under the eye: I feel FULL of anger right now.
Under the nose: So much anger.
Under the mouth: I’m just so angry!
Collarbone: I can feel it in every fiber of my being.
Under the arm: I feel it in my bones and my gut.
Top of the head: I feel it in my heart.

EB: I am so infuriated right now.
SE: I’m absolutely FUMING!
UE: I have every right to be angry about this.
UN: This person/situation has me so angry right now.
UM: This feeling is so STRONG.
CB: I want to release it, but I really DON’T want to release it.
UA: I am justified in my anger.
TH: I have every right to be so angry!

EB: I refuse to let go of this anger.
SE: If I let go of this anger, it’s like saying this situation is okay.
UE: And it’s definitely NOT okay.
UN: I’m not letting it go.
UM: I can’t let go of this anger.
CB: I shouldn’t let go of this anger.
UA: I can’t condone what they did.
TH: I’m RIGHT to be angry.

EB: It’s okay to feel angry.
SE: I give myself permission to feel this anger.
UE: I’m moving through it now.
UN: This situation is not okay with me,
UM: but I choose to feel calmer about it.
CB: I’m willing to start letting go of this anger.
UA: Maybe not all of it,
TH: but at least a little bit of it.

EB: I’m willing to feel calmer now.
SE: I’m willing to release this tension in my body.
UE: I’m willing to breathe a little easier now.
UN: I’m willing to start feeling peaceful again.
UM: I’m willing to calm down and come back to my center.
CB: I’m willing to feel okay again.
UA: I’m willing to dissolve this remaining anger.
TH: I’m willing to take control of my thoughts and feelings.

EB: I choose to center myself and calm my mind.
SE: I choose to break anger’s hold on me.
UE: I choose to breathe and be okay in this moment.
UN: I choose to feel my own inner strength.
UM: I’m okay.
CB: I’m better than okay.
UA: I choose to feel centered, focused, and in control now.
TH: I choose to be calm like the eye in the center of a storm.

Take a nice, deep breath, and then tune into your feelings. If the anger is still pretty strong, you may want to go through the script again. Also, feel free to add in any specific statements that pertain to your situation as you tap along.

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