Tapping Script: I’m Not Good Enough

By | January 12, 2016

(Note: This script is part of our Tapping for Weight Loss program.)

One of the most common feelings that drive people to overeat or eat emotionally is the feeling of, “I’m not good enough.” Sometimes they don’t even know why they believe they aren’t good enough – they just have a very low sense of self-esteem, which makes them want to eat to numb those painful feelings.

If this is something you struggle with, this script will help you clear out the heavy emotions and start developing the belief that you ARE good enough.

Start tapping on the Karate Chop point:

Karate Chop:

Even though I feel like I’ll never be good enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I feel like there is something wrong with me, I choose to love myself anyway.

Even though I somehow don’t measure up, I’m willing to release these destructive feelings now.

Now tapping through the points:

Eyebrow: I’m not good enough.
Side of Eye: I’ve never been good enough.
Under Eye: Good enough for whom,
Under Nose: I’m not sure.
Under Mouth: It’s just a feeling I have.
Collarbone: A feeling that I don’t measure up.
Under Arm: A feeling that I’m not acceptable.
Top of Head: I don’t know why I feel that way.

Eyebrow: I just know that I’m not good.
Side of Eye: I’m a bad person,
Under Eye: a flawed person.
Under Nose: A person who doesn’t do the right thing.
Under Mouth: I can’t please the people around me.
Collarbone: They’re just never happy with me.
Under Arm: I always do the wrong thing.
Top of Head: And it makes me feel awful.

Eyebrow: I feel like I don’t fit in.
Side of Eye: I feel like something is wrong with me.
Under Eye: I feel like an outcast.
Under Nose: I feel unloved.
Under Mouth: I feel unaccepted.
Collarbone: It’s not a good feeling.
Under Arm: And I want to clear out these feelings,
Top of Head: and let go of these negative beliefs.

(Take a deep breath, then continue tapping.)

Eyebrow: This feeling that I’m not good enough.
Side of Eye: I would really like to let it go.
Under Eye: I would really like to release this belief.
Under Nose: Who gets to decide if I’m good enough?
Under Mouth: My parents, siblings and relatives?
Collarbone: My friends, coworkers and employers?
Under Arm: I think *I* should be the only one who can decide that.
Top of Head: And I want to start feeling good enough.

Eyebrow: Not just good ENOUGH, but GOOD, period.
Side of Eye: I’m going to clear out this awful feeling.
Under Eye: I AM good enough.
Under Nose: I am good enough.
Under Mouth: I am good.
Collarbone: I have my flaws,
Under Arm: but I’m also a good person.
Top of Head: I’m a loving person.

Eyebrow: I’m a kind person.
Side of Eye: I try to respect others.
Under Eye: I try to do the right thing.
Under Nose: And I’m going to start believing that I’m good enough.
Under Mouth: I’m letting go of this “not good enough” feeling.
Collarbone: It’s not for me anymore.
Under Arm: Whoever instilled that belief in me,
Top of Head: I’m forgiving them and letting it go.

(Take a deep breath, then continue tapping.)

Eyebrow: I’m also forgiving myself
Side of Eye: for believing that I wasn’t good enough.
Under Eye: I choose to let go of that belief now.
Under Nose: I am good enough.
Under Mouth: I’m a good person.
Collarbone: I deserve to be loved and respected.
Under Arm: I deserve to be happy.
Top of Head: I deserve to feel good about myself.

Eyebrow: I choose to feel good about myself now.
Side of Eye: I choose to love myself now.
Under Eye: I choose to accept myself now.
Under Nose: I accept myself exactly as I am right now.
Under Mouth: I’m still growing and learning,
Collarbone: but I’m doing all right.
Under Arm: I’m proud of myself.
Top of Head: And I’m going to cut myself some slack.

Eyebrow: I’m going to stop being so HARD on myself!
Side of Eye: I AM lovable.
Under Eye: I AM loved.
Under Nose: I AM good.
Under Mouth: I. AM. GOOD.
Collarbone: I am good enough.
Under Arm: I don’t have to hate myself anymore.
Top of Head: I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am.

Eyebrow: It’s okay to believe that I’m good.
Side of Eye: It’s okay to love myself.
Under Eye: It’s okay to believe in myself.
Under Nose: It’s okay to be myself.
Under Mouth: It’s okay to accept myself.
Collarbone: I am good enough.
Top of Head: I am good.

Take a deep breath.

If this is a big issue for you, be sure to keep using this script until that “not good enough” feeling fades away permanently. This might take a while for old, deeply ingrained beliefs.

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