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Surrogate Tapping for People and Animals

There are few things that make you feel as helpless as watching someone you love suffer, right? Believe it or not, you can easily use tapping to help ease pain and discomfort for others – and yes, it really does work! Search on the internet for “surrogate tapping” and you’ll find tons of personal accounts from people who… Read More »

I Don’t Have Time to Tap!

Once you’ve seen the dramatic benefits of daily tapping, you notice dozens of opportunities to use it on everything from aches and pains, to stress, to those little annoyances that come up several times a day. The problem is, we’re all so busy that it can seem like a chore to squeeze one more thing in to an… Read More »

When Tapping, Focus on the Feelings

I’ve said before that tapping is one of the most powerful and effective tools I’ve ever used, and it continues to amaze me day after day. However, now and then it doesn’t seem to work on a particular issue. I’ve mentioned “aspects” before, and that’s an important thing to keep in mind as you clear various problems. But… Read More »

Tapping on the Negative vs. Positive

One interesting aspect of tapping is that it tends to go against “positive thinking” principles. You’ve probably heard many times before that you should focus on the positive as much as possible, and avoid letting negative thoughts take over. I’ve said it myself, many, many times, and I stand by that suggestion – EXCEPT when it comes to… Read More »

Keeping Track of Tapping Topics

When you first start tapping, you suddenly realize that there are so many problems, challenges, fears, traumas and other issues that you want to tap on, but it’s hard to remember them all. I solved this problem for myself by starting a “tapping book”. I use a 6″ x 9″ spiral notebook, and inside I jot brief notes… Read More »

What Can Tapping Be Used For?

Tapping is such a versatile technique that it can be used for just about anything. In fact, Gary Craig, the creator of traditional Emotional Freedom Techniques frequently says, “Try it on everything!” That’s because there are very few (if any) issues that tapping won’t help. Here is a partial list of issues for which tapping has proven helpful:… Read More »

Common Tapping Mistakes

Tapping is one of the simplest techniques to learn, but there are a few common mistakes that people make: 1) Not tapping often enough. There are a few issues that would be referred to as “one minute wonders” – meaning you tap on them for a minute or so, and they clear up completely for good. However, the… Read More »