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Tapping to Allow More Miracles in Your Life

Sometimes we get so caught up in the problems and challenges in our daily lives that we sink into a mindless acceptance of “the way things are,” even when we’re really unhappy with the way things are. It’s not that we don’t want positive change, but we’re so used to the constant struggle, used to complaining and feeling… Read More »

Can’t Feel Grateful Until…

Do you believe that you cannot have a daily gratitude practice until everything in your life is perfect? If you struggle with financial problems, health problems, dysfunctional relationships, unemployment, legal problems – or any other big challenge, you may feel as if gratitude is impossible for you at this time. You might say to yourself, “I can’t feel… Read More »

Tapping for Gratitude: It Comes Back to You!

Have you ever heard that the people and situations in our lives mirror back what we send out? It’s the old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” Maybe you can recall times this has happened to you. One day you wake up in a grumpy mood, and then run into one grumpy person after another during the rest… Read More »

Tapping Audio: Let it Be Easy

Does it sometimes seem like your entire life is filled with struggle and strain? Like nothing can ever be easy for you? This often happens when you have a lot of resistant thoughts and stressful circumstances in your life. You end up feeling like you’re moving through thick mud, and every step you take requires a tremendous amount… Read More »

Tapping on the Negative vs. Positive

One interesting aspect of tapping is that it tends to go against “positive thinking” principles. You’ve probably heard many times before that you should focus on the positive as much as possible, and avoid letting negative thoughts take over. I’ve said it myself, many, many times, and I stand by that suggestion – EXCEPT when it comes to… Read More »

Tapping Script: I’m Not Good Enough

(Note: This script is part of our Tapping for Weight Loss program.) One of the most common feelings that drive people to overeat or eat emotionally is the feeling of, “I’m not good enough.” Sometimes they don’t even know why they believe they aren’t good enough – they just have a very low sense of self-esteem, which makes… Read More »

New Year EFT Tapping Script

Whether you enjoy the start of a new year or not, it’s always a good idea to approach it with the right attitude. If you begin a new year complaining about everything that happened in the previous year, or worrying about what terrible things might be lurking ahead in the coming year, you’ll be consumed with regret and… Read More »

Tapping Script for Quick Stress Relief

This is a quick script you can use to relieve stress and tension any time. Remember to tune in to the FEELINGS as you tap; that will help you clear the stress more effectively. Focus on both the emotional feelings of overwhelm or frustration (whatever you’re feeling) as well as any physical sensations like tightness, tension, headaches, etc. Karate… Read More »

Tapping Out the “Blahs” Script

How to Create a Great Mood in Just Minutes One of my favorite ways to use tapping is as a quick and easy “mood booster”. You know those days when you just feel “blah”? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or just plain old cranky for no reason. Tapping can change that in mere minutes! Here’s how I… Read More »

Wake Up and Feel Good Tapping Script

Tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a fantastic tool for neutralizing negative emotions, and one of my favorite ways to use it is for a “feel good” tapping routine when I first wake up. Below is an example of an EFT script for feeling good that you can use, or you can simply improvise and insert your own intentions… Read More »