Tapping for Anxiety About Money

By | January 12, 2016

(Note: This audio is part of our Tapping for Money program. If money is a “big issue” for you, please click here to learn more about using tapping for money blockages.)

When you feel anxious about money, life feels like a major challenge. As hard as you try to get more money flowing in, all you seem to create are more problems.

Once you have worked through your negative feelings and you start feeling optimistic again, suddenly allowing more money to flow becomes a lot easier!

But how can you release feelings of worry and frustration when your financial situation isn’t good?

There are a lot of helpful techniques that can help you release negative emotions. You’ve probably tried plenty of them, including visualization, affirmations, meditation, and creating vision boards.

All of these techniques work, but it can take awhile before you really start to feel a shift – and more importantly, before you start to SEE better results in your life.

One Technique That Works Better Than Anything

Luckily, there is ONE technique that works better than anything I have ever tried. Literally within minutes you feel those troublesome emotions fading away, replaced by a sense of deep inner calm and peace.

That technique is tapping (also known as EFT).

When you’re in the grip of negative emotion, your body goes into “stress mode”. Your breathing becomes shallow, your heart rate speeds up, you feel tense and uncomfortable, you have trouble concentrating, and all you can think about is the situation that is causing you to feel awful.

The Problem, The Problem, The Problem

Being in this state of chronic stress will not allow you to come up with creative solutions to help you get out of the situation. Your entire being is focused on “the problem, the problem, the problem” and you are miles away from any solutions.

Tapping is incredibly helpful in this kind of situation because it sends a calming signal to your brain and diffuses that “fight or flight” reponse. Within minutes, you feel the negative emotions easing up, fading away, and a feeling of deep calm starts to come over you.

Once you’ve moved out of that stressed state of mind, suddenly you feel much more empowered. You feel optimistic that the solutions are on their way to you. And best of all, you are actually now OPEN to receive them!

Tapping for Anxiety About Money Audio

MP3 & PDF FormatsThis tapping audio is in MP3 format, and it is just over 13 minutes long, so you can easily squeeze in a tapping routine whenever you have a few extra minutes.

If you haven’t had much experience with tapping (or any experience at all), I have included complete instructions that include a clear diagram of the tapping points. The instructions are in PDF format, which is viewable on most computers and mobile devices.

Also included is a PDF Transcript of the tapping audio, so you can follow along with the written version if you prefer not to listen to the audio sometimes.

If you have ever been confused about what to say when tapping on money issues, you will love this audio! I lead you from feelings of stress and worry to feelings of confidence and peace about your financial situation.

Once you have cleared those heavy feelings out of the way, you not only come into alignment with greater abundance, but you also feel calm and confident about taking action to improve your financial situation for good.

Included in your purchase is:

  • The Tapping for Anxiety Audio – MP3 format, 13:30 minutes
  • The Tapping for Anxiety Transcript – PDF format
  • Complete Instructions Including a Diagram of the Tapping Points – PDF format

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