Do you hate going to the dentist? Do you even avoid having dental work done because you can’t handle the intense fear and anxiety you experience every time you go?

For more than thirty years, I suffered with a severe dental phobia; extreme feelings of anxiety and panic about having dental work done.

I couldn’t go to the dentist. In fact, I couldn’t even pick up the phone to make an appointment without having severe panic attacks complete with hyperventilation, tightness in my chest, heart pounding, trembling, nausea, and dizziness. All of these unpleasant symptoms would take over my body and prevent me from going to the dentist.

During the rare times when I absolutely had to go, for example when one of my teeth became infected or I was in so much pain that I had no other option; I would force myself to push through the panicky feelings and go to the dentist anyway. But it was always tremendously traumatic before, during, and long after the visit was over.

By the time I was in my mid-forties, I had managed to avoid going to the dentist for much of the previous thirty years, and my teeth showed it. Many of them were decaying and brittle, some had serious tartar build-up, and two molars had become infected due to chronic neglect. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I would need to face my fears and go back to the dentist again.

Enter the miracle technique that helped me to completely dissolve my fear of the dentist…tapping!

After just a few months of using this miracle method, I was able to not only make a dental appointment without any panic attacks, I was able to walk into the office, sit down in the chair and have a lot of work done without a single flicker of fear.

Since then, I have been back to the dentist countless times. My teeth have been restored to perfect health; I can smile and chew confidently, and best of all, my entire body feels better!

Our oral health has a tremendous impact on our overall state of wellness, and I now take very good care of my teeth. Best of all, I know that I will be able to confidently take care of any other issues that arise before they become chronic and cause me excessive pain and suffering again.

Through this experience, I have realized that there are thousands of people who suffer from intense fear and panic about dental work, just as I did. (Strangely, I thought I was the only one!)

Once I realized that so many other people were struggling with the same challenges I did, I knew I needed to share my story and help as many of them as I could.

My journey back to terror-free dental visits is detailed in my new book, “Tapping for Dental Fear and Anxiety: Simple Steps to Clear the Fear and Love Your Dentist Again.”

If you have a story similar to mine, if your dental visits are traumatic and terrifying, I wrote this book for you.

In this book I share the details of exactly what I did to clear my dental phobia. I reveal the exact steps I took to ‘tap away’ thirty years of trauma, fear and pain, and I show you how to clear your own unique issues relating to dental fear and anxiety.

This book can change your life if you are willing to do the exercises I share within. Years of fear, pain and trauma can be dissolved in mere weeks in most cases.

Imagine being able to visit the dentist feeling confident and happy.

Imagine being proud of your smile.

Imagine being able to chew your food without discomfort or worry.

I cannot accurately describe the feelings of relief and freedom you will enjoy once your dental fears are gone. There are simply no words that can capture the feeling. It is freeing, inspiring, and life-changing in so many wonderful ways.

I wish that same freedom for you, and I hope that this book helps you as much as the techniques within have helped me.

Download “Tapping for Dental Fear and Anxiety” today and free yourself from the fear that has held you captive for too long.

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