The Fastest Way to Clear Limiting Beliefs, Fear, and Doubt Around Money And Achieve a Level of Success You’ve Only Ever Dreamed About!

What’s holding you back from achieving the success you desire?

Do you work really hard every day . . . and get nowhere?

Do you want to make a change . . . but you’re afraid you’ll fail?

Do you feel stuck no matter what you do?

You may not believe this, but all of the limitations that hold you back start in your own mind. You have all kinds of limiting beliefs, destructive thoughts, fears, self-doubts, and pain from the past that are bogging down your ability to make more money and create the better life you deserve.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the reason you don’t have as much money as you want right now is because on some level, you are RESISTING IT.

You don’t want it. Some part of you feels uncomfortable about the idea of having more money. Maybe you’re afraid that your friends and family will treat you differently if you become wealthy. Maybe you feel, deep down inside, that you don’t deserve to be wealthy. Maybe you worry that you can’t handle large sums of money, and you’ll make a mess of your life. Maybe you believe that most rich people are evil, greedy, selfish, or irresponsible, and you don’t want to be like that.

The specific beliefs are different for everyone, but the point is:


It’s not your job. It’s not your boss. It’s not your business. It’s not the economy. It’s not any of those external things.

It’s your own THOUGHT PATTERNS. The things you believe to be true about yourself and your life. THOSE are the things that are holding you back.

If you have limiting beliefs about money, fears about money, or previous emotional trauma around money, you will continue to struggle with money because you are carrying around all of that “emotional baggage” that keeps creating more and more financial struggle.

On the other hand, if you clear out the pain from past financial trauma, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears around money, suddenly you stop resisting money, and money can flow easily to you.

You start resonating on a whole other frequency – one that allows you to receive the things you were blocking before!

Suddenly, you have no problem attaining a bigger, more consistent income. You find it easier to pay down your debts. You discover many more opportunities for earning money. You find it easy to do the work you LOVE to do, rather than just working to pay the bills. You have more peace of mind, in all areas of your financial life.

But that won’t happen until you CLEAR the blockages that are holding you back.

Which limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and blockages are you are struggling with right now?

Perhaps some of these:

– I have to work really hard for the money I earn.

– There aren’t many opportunities for someone like me.

– Wealthy people are greedy and selfish; I don’t want to be like that.

– To earn more money, I have to work longer hours.

– It’s safer to play small.

– I don’t deserve to be wealthy.

– I never have enough money.

– I can’t get ahead no matter what I do.

When you have negative thoughts and beliefs like these, you can’t allow more money into your life. You will keep blocking it, no matter how badly you want it. There’s just too much energetic “sludge” in the way.

Clearing Out the Energetic “Sludge”

Over the past decade or so, I’ve taught a lot of techniques to help people clear limiting beliefs, and attract more money.

But none of these techniques work as quickly and as effectively as TAPPING.

Tapping (also known as EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) is getting more and more popular with every passing year.

And do you know why? Because it is wildly effective on a vast number of issues and problems. It’s being used successfully on emotional trauma, physical disease, relationships, fears and phobias, and more.

But how can tapping be used on on external conditions, like money and success?

Because when you change your THOUGHTS, change your BELIEFS,
change how you FEEL – everything around you changes too!

Tapping goes right to the root of the problem (your thoughts and beliefs) and dissolves it – sometimes in mere minutes!

Tapping is like an energetic powerwash – it clears out all of that “sludge” that bogs down your energy system and keeps you stuck in a rut of scarcity, limitation, and frustration.

What Happens When You “Get Clear”

When you clear out all of the limiting beliefs, fear, self-doubt and financial trauma, what do you think happens next?

You move FULL STEAM AHEAD toward your goals! There’s no longer anything holding you back. You stop sabotaging yourself. You stop feeling so full of dread, fear, and worry. You KNOW that you deserve everything good you desire, and you no longer hesitate to go after it!

Tapping is by far the fastest and easiest way to clear all of your inner blockages to money, abundance, opportunities, and success.

In just a few minutes per day, I can help you release the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and unhappy . . . maybe for YEARS!

My Tapping for Money program helps you replace your negative beliefs with positive beliefs like these:

– I deserve to have all of the wonderful things I desire.

– Money flows to me easily and consistently.

– I’m naturally successful at everything I do.

– I constantly receive great moneymaking ideas and put them into action.

– The universe WANTS me to be successful and abundant.

– I allow myself to be wealthy and happy in all areas of my life.

– I can serve others much more effectively if I allow myself to be abundant.

– And more!

Here’s What You Get:

The Tapping for Money program is a comprehensive collection of tapping exercises that are designed to help you clear limiting beliefs, destructive thoughts and fears around money, abundance, and success:


15 Tapping Audios (MP3)

There are 15 audios in MP3 format that you can tap along with.

On these audios, I help you tune in to the feelings of fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and limitation that you may be experiencing, and TAP through them until those heavy feelings are gone.

Then I lead you to focus on more positive thoughts and beliefs on those same subjects, so you start REPROGRAMMING your mind.

Some of the topics we cover on these audios:

– Anxiety About Money

– Money is a Heavy Issue for Me

– I’m Not Meant to Be Rich

– It’s Not Fair That Others Have More Than Me!

– I’m Willing to Be Wealthy

– I Deserve to Have Everything I Want

– and more!


32 Tapping Scripts

There are more than 30 powerful tapping scripts that help you clear feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, and disbelief around the subjects of money and success.

Simply read and tap along on powerful topics like these:

– I’m Willing to Release These Blockages

– I Forgive Myself for the Mistakes I’ve Made in the Past

– I Want to Earn More Money

– Broke is Who I Am

– There Are No Good Opportunities for Me

– I’m Overwhelmed by Debt and Bills

– I’m Afraid to Take Action

– I Can’t Get a High Paying Job

– I Allow Myself to Be Wealthy and Happy

– Money Flows to Me Easily and Consistently

– The Universe WANTS Me to Be Successful!

– and more!

9 Tapping Exercises

While many of us share common blockages around money, you may have some unique blockages based on your own life experiences with money.

These exercises will help you get to the root of what’s REALLY blocking you, and help you clear it for good.

Some of the exercises we explore:

– Why am I blocking money?

– Clearing Financial Trauma from the Past

– Attracting a Specific Amount of Money

– Clearing the Pain of Your Family Financial Legacy

– Allowing a Bigger Income

– and more!

Simply set aside 15 minutes a day (or more) to tap on these important issues, and you will start clearing out the inner blockages that have been keeping you stuck.

Don’t Know How to Tap?

If you are new to tapping, don’t worry! I will show you step by step how to use this simple technique.

Tapping involves very light “tapping” with your fingertips on 9 specific pressure points on your face and upper body.

I’m including a “How to Tap” instructional guide with a diagram that shows you where to tap, and a “Practice Tapping” exercise for beginners so you can get familiar with it.

Tapping is very easy to learn, and with these helpful instructions you’ll feel like a pro in just minutes!


Ready to Clear Your Blockages for Good?

Are you ready to FINALLY create the success you deserve? To earn more money easily? To stop holding yourself back?

Download the Tapping for Money program and get started NOW! Why wait another minute? You deserve to achieve every dream you have in your heart right now, and this program will help you dissolve anything that is standing in your way.

Simply set aside 15 minutes a day (or more) to tap on these important issues, and you will start clearing out the inner blockages that have been keeping you stuck.


Tap for Money


Feedback From Participants:

“I have done a huge amount of courses over the years but I have never come across someone as kind, thorough, and giving as you Wendy. On a personal level, I experienced much more business than normal, I took this course very seriously and tapped from 15 mins to an hour each day.”

“This whole course has been terrific, the scripts are working beautifully for me!”

“This course was phenomenal!  I got more from this course (and you provided more value) than I got from courses that cost hundreds of dollars. That’s both in terms of the overall value we got, and also from how well this course aligned with the real issues your members have been facing.”

“OMG, I almost couldn’t believe it. Approximately 3 hours after tapping on this script I saw some significant interest in my online store. Usually the traffic that I purchase would visit the first page and then exit. Well 3 hours after tapping, the loads of 1 page visits were now beginning to populate with multiple page visits with significant time on the pages, some were also showing interest in signing up for an account! This was truly amazing as I’ve been working on my energy surrounding this store for quite a while and only after I did this tapping script did I see something significant. I mean it went from “night to day” in a matter of hours. I know that I will have to keep tapping this script because it brought up a lot of stuff for me. I’m hopeful that this is the area of my breakthrough.”

“I’m still working through my resistance but have loved every moment of this course. I have been following Wendy’s work online for about 5 years now but this course is the essential ingredient I needed to “click” it all together and really investigate my blockages. I consider Wendy akin to Linda Goodman or Wayne Dyer myself, that’s how much I value her work. 🙂 Still lots to do … Several scripts to catch up on or continue to tap daily. One of the key things I learned was that tapping can help me calm down in moments of stress. If I feel a twinge of panic etc, I acknowledge the problem and work through it for a minute. Out in public, just thinking through the problem and tapping a few times on my hand – the karate chop point – helps bring down a worry considerably, and quickly.”

“WOW. I knew this was going to be a valuable program for me. Little did i know it was going to be awesome. I have tapped every day and can feel the benefits accumulating.”



Tap for Money