Tap Out That Holiday Stress!

By | December 22, 2016

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again! No matter which holidays you celebrate, this time of year usually comes with a lot of stress and pressure.

There’s endless planning, shopping, preparations, decorating, baking, cooking, wrapping gifts, parties, Secret Santa exchanges, cookie swaps, tracking down lost shipments… Add to that the increased crowds and traffic wherever you go, and it’s enough to exhaust anyone!

Even though the holiday season is one of my favorite times of year, I have to admit that I often get overwhelmed and feel very depleted…like I just don’t have the energy and stamina to get it all done in time.

There is one thing that always helps – yes, TAPPING!

Whenever I start feeling like I’m too busy, too overwhelmed, I’ve got too much to do and I just can’t take it anymore, I find a quiet place to be alone and tap out ALL of those heavy emotions. Some days I even have to tap multiple times to come back to a peaceful place.

Here’s a script you can use to do the same thing. (Note: I kept it general so it can be applied to any situation, but for best results you may want to insert some of your own unique stressors. Example: “I can never find the right gift for Uncle Ralph…my children are so demanding at this time of year and they never want to help me…I’ve got to make 12 dozen cookies and I’m too tired to do it…”)

Karate Chop:

Even though I’ve got way too much to do and I don’t think I can do it, I love myself anyway.

Even though I’m exhausted and I’m not nearly done with everything I need to do, I forgive myself.

Even though I’m so overwhelmed and I just want it all to stop, I honor myself and my feelings.

Now tapping through the points:

Eyebrow: I’m so tired.
Side of Eye: So exhausted.
Under Eye: I’ve got so much to do.
Under Nose: I don’t think I have the energy.
Under Mouth: I’m running on empty.
Collarbone: I need a break.
Under Arm: I’m soooooo tired!
Top of Head: So tired and overwhelmed.

Eyebrow: I still have so much to do.
Side of Eye: I don’t want to do it.
Under Eye: I’m overwhelmed.
Under Nose: But I have to get it all done!
Under Mouth: No one else will do it for me.
Collarbone: It’s all up to me.
Under Arm: I’m exhausted but I can’t stop.
Top of Head: I have to keep going.

Eyebrow: This exhaustion in my body.
Side of Eye: This overwhelm in my mind.
Under Eye: It’s too much.
Under Nose: I can’t handle it.
Under Mouth: My mind and body are so tired.
Collarbone: It’s okay for me to take a break.
Under Arm: I give myself permission to pause for a minute.
Top of Head: And bring myself back to center.

Eyebrow: I’m going to breathe and tap. (Take a deep breath.)
Side of Eye: I’m going to release this overwhelm.
Under Eye: I’m going to release this stress.
Under Nose: I don’t need to carry it in my body.
Under Mouth: It’s okay to let it go.
Collarbone: I can still get everything done,
Under Arm: while feeling calm and centered
Top of Head: at the same time.

Eyebrow: I’m releasing the pressure now.
Side of Eye: The pressure to do it all.
Under Eye: The pressure to make everything perfect.
Under Nose: It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Under Mouth: I can just do my best,
Collarbone: and it will be good enough.
Under Arm: Everything will get done in time.
Top of Head: I’m taking it one thing at a time.

(Pause here, take a deep breath.)

Eyebrow: I choose to feel centered now.
Side of Eye: I choose to feel calm.
Under Eye: No matter how crazy everything is,
Under Nose: I can stay calm and centered.
Under Mouth: I can take my time and breathe.
Collarbone: I can take short breaks and TAP.
Under Arm: Tap out all the holiday stress,
Top of Head: and come back to my center.

Eyebrow: I give myself permission to do this.
Side of Eye: I choose to take good care of myself.
Under Eye: No matter how busy I am,
Under Nose: I can take a few minutes to relax.
Under Mouth: Then I can proceed
Collarbone: feeling much calmer and happier.
Under Arm: I deserve that.
Top of Head: Everything will still get done in time.

Eyebrow: It’s okay to breathe and tap for a few minutes.
Side of Eye: I deserve to take breaks and feel good.
Under Eye: I deserve to rest when I’m tired.
Under Nose: I deserve to release any heavy emotions
Under Mouth: that weigh down my mind and body.
Collarbone: That’s my gift to myself.
Under Arm: Just tapping away the stress,
Top of Head: creating a feeling of calm and peace.

Eyebrow: I choose to feel calm.
Side of Eye: I choose to know that everything is okay.
Under Eye: I choose to know that I’m okay.
Under Nose: I can handle my obligations
Under Mouth: and still take good care of myself.
Collarbone: I’m going to take my time
Under Arm: and work smart.
Top of Head: And it will all get done easily.

Eyebrow: I allow peace and calm in my body.
Side of Eye: I allow ease in my life.
Under Eye: I’m going to enjoy these preparations.
Under Nose: I’m going to enjoy the season.
Under Mouth: I’m going to breathe deeply
Collarbone: and tap when I feel overwhelmed,
Under Arm: and it’s all going to be okay.
Top of Head: I am at peace.

Take one more deep breath!

If you still feel some stress or overwhelm, be sure to tap along with the script again – as many time as you need to!

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