Tapping to Allow More Miracles in Your Life

By | March 3, 2017

Sometimes we get so caught up in the problems and challenges in our daily lives that we sink into a mindless acceptance of “the way things are,” even when we’re really unhappy with the way things are.

It’s not that we don’t want positive change, but we’re so used to the constant struggle, used to complaining and feeling dissatisfied that we simply resign ourselves to dealing with it – even if it’s the last thing we want!

Have you ever done this?

Today I’d like to invite you to stretch your idea of what may be truly possible for you, in one or many different areas of your life. I’d like to encourage you to not only believe in the possibility of miracles, but actually start EXPECTING miracles!

Does that seem too farfetched? Are miracles reserved for other people, but not you?

A “miracle” is really nothing more than a solution, an opportunity, a creative idea, a life-changing insight…that shows up at the right time.

And the best way to start opening to receive miracles like these is to clear out any mental and emotional resistance you have that could be blocking them.

That doesn’t sound so difficult, does it?

Here’s a script to help you start doing just that:

Karate Chop:

“Even though I have trouble believing that I could receive a miracle, I’m willing to let go of my doubts. Even though I don’t know if I even deserve a miracle, I’m willing to be open to the idea. Even though I would love to receive a miracle but I doubt it’s going to happen, I love myself anyway.”

Now tapping through the points:

Eyebrow: This whole idea of miracles,
Side of Eye: it seems so far “out there.”
Under Eye: Even if miracles existed,
Under Nose: I doubt that I would receive one.
Under Mouth: It would be nice if I could…
Collarbone: but I have trouble believing in miracles.
Under Arm: Maybe instead of miracles,
Top of Head: I could call them “opportunities.”

Eyebrow: Am I willing to be open to more “opportunities”?
Side of Eye: Yes, of course I am!
Under Eye: I will take all the help I can get!
Under Nose: I choose to be open to anything good.
Under Mouth: Opportunities, ideas, insights,
Collarbone: inspired hunches, gut instincts,
Under Arm: intuitive nudges, and more.
Top of Head: Those could all be called miracles!

Eyebrow: So, yes, I guess I am open to miracles!
Side of Eye: I’m open to receiving miracles.
Under Eye: Anything that will start moving me
Under Nose: in the direction I want to go.
Under Mouth: Toward better health and happiness.
Collarbone: Toward wealth and success.
Under Arm: Toward ease and flow.
Top of Head: Ahh yes, I am open to all of that.

Eyebrow: I deserve all of that.
Side of Eye: I deserve to receive miracles,
Under Eye: no matter what form they take.
Under Nose: No matter how they show up in my life.
Under Mouth: I’m ready for miracles
Collarbone: in all areas of my life.
Under Arm: I’m ready to stop settling for less,
Top of Head: and resigning myself to unhappiness.

Eyebrow: Enough of that!
Side of Eye: I want more.
Under Eye: It’s okay to want more.
Under Nose: I deserve more.
Under Mouth: I’m done with struggle and strain in my life.
Collarbone: I’m ready for an easier way.
Under Arm: I’m ready to accept help,
Top of Head: in whatever form it shows up.

Eyebrow: I’m ready for miracles,
Side of Eye: and I release anything that has been blocking them.
Under Eye: I release all doubts.
Under Nose: I release my cynical nature.
Under Mouth: I release my defeated attitude.
Collarbone: I release my fear and worry.
Under Arm: I release my negative expectations.
Top of Head: I now choose to be open to miracles.

Eyebrow: Miracles happen to other people every day.
Side of Eye: Why not me?
Under Eye: I certainly deserve miracles,
Under Nose: just as much as other people do.
Under Mouth: I choose to remember that.
Collarbone: I DO deserve miracles,
Under Arm: and I deserve happiness.
Top of Head: I’m ready for more happiness!

Eyebrow: I choose to be open to miracles.
Side of Eye: I am allowing more miracles.
Under Eye: Big and small miracles.
Under Nose: I deserve miracles.
Under Mouth: I’m ready for miracles.
Collarbone: I know they are already on the way to me.
Under Arm: I’m ready to receive them now.
Top of Head: Bring on the miracles!

Take a deep breath!

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