Tapping for Moneymaking Ideas

By | June 23, 2017

Do you ever feel like things could change for you financially, if only you had some good ideas for things you could DO to get the ball rolling?

The wonderful thing about creative ideas is that they will come to you if you keep affirming that you are open to them. You AREN’T open to them if you’re complaining that you never receive any good ideas!

This script will help you release your frustration about not having any good ideas, and start affirming that great moneymaking ideas come to you and you put them into action easily.

I can tell you from personal experience that this exercise will raise your energy to a very positive place and it won’t be long before great ideas are coming to you like crazy!

Tap on the Karate Chop point:

Even though I can’t think of any good moneymaking ideas, I’m willing to clear out whatever is blocking them.

Even though I never receive any good moneymaking ideas, I am now choosing to open my mind to receive them.

Even though I feel stuck and I have no idea how to change my situation, I allow wonderful, creative ideas to flow to me now.

Now tapping through the points:

Eyebrow: I never get any good ideas.
Side of Eye: All I get are ideas that are too hard.
Under Eye: Or they won’t work for some reason.
Under Nose: Or I don’t have the resources to put them into action.
Under Mouth: It just never works out for me.
Collarbone: I need some good moneymaking ideas.
Under Arm: But what can I do?
Top of Head: I can’t think of any.

Eyebrow: It really frustrates me.
Side of Eye: I want to change my situation!
Under Eye: But I don’t know what to do.
Under Nose: I’m stumped.
Under Mouth: I’m blocked.
Collarbone: I’m creatively blocked.
Under Arm: And it’s frustrating!
Top of Head: So frustrating.

Eyebrow: My mind is closed to creative ideas.
Side of Eye: I’m completely blocked.
Under Eye: I have no idea what I can do
Under Nose: to bring in more money.
Under Mouth: To raise my income.
Collarbone: To increase my success.
Under Arm: I’m stuck!
Top of Head: And I’m so frustrated about it.

(Take a deep breath, then continue tapping.)

Eyebrow: Okay, I think I can change this.
Side of Eye: The first thing I need to do
Under Eye: is stop affirming that I never get any good ideas!
Under Nose: No wonder the ideas haven’t come to me.
Under Mouth: I’ve been blocking them.
Collarbone: Well I’m changing that now!
Under Arm: I’m going to entice great ideas
Top of Head: by affirming that I get tons of great ideas.

Eyebrow: I don’t know if that will work,
Side of Eye: but I’m willing to give it a try.
Under Eye: I am now affirming that I am OPEN to great ideas.
Under Nose: Great MONEYMAKING ideas!
Under Mouth: PROFITABLE ideas!
Collarbone: Ideas that will help me increase my income.
Under Arm: Ideas that will help me be more successful.
Top of Head: Ideas that thrill me and excite me.

Eyebrow: Ideas that I can’t WAIT to put into action.
Side of Eye: I am now ready to take my success to the next level!
Under Eye: I am ready to receive some fun ideas.
Under Nose: Creative, inspiring ideas.
Under Mouth: Ideas that really get my juices flowing.
Collarbone: Ideas that FEEL RIGHT to me.
Under Arm: Wonderful, amazing ideas.
Top of Head: Amazing moneymaking ideas!

(Take a deep breath, then continue tapping.)

Eyebrow: I’m going to align myself with the energy of creative ideas.
Side of Eye: I’m going to focus on great ideas.
Under Eye: I’m going to EXPECT great ideas.
Under Nose: Great ideas come to me all the time.
Under Mouth: I am an idea magnet!
Collarbone: My mind is open to amazing ideas!
Under Arm: I open to them, I expect them,
Top of Head: and they come to me.

Eyebrow: I am always getting great ideas!
Side of Eye: I receive great moneymaking ideas daily,
Under Eye: and I put them into action easily.
Under Nose: That’s my new truth.
Under Mouth: Great moneymaking ideas come to me constantly.
Collarbone: And I leap into action!
Under Arm: I reap the rewards of being open to creative ideas.
Top of Head: The ideas I put into action ALWAYS have a positive outcome.

Eyebrow: I love receiving great moneymaking ideas.
Side of Eye: I see them everywhere.
Under Eye: I can feel intuitively if they’re right for me.
Under Nose: And I know just what to do with the ones that are!
Under Mouth: I never hesitate to take action when I feel it’s right.
Collarbone: And the actions I take are very productive.
Under Arm: They always work out for my highest good.
Top of Head: This is the truth I am choosing for myself.

Eyebrow: I am now open to receive great moneymaking ideas.
Side of Eye: I receive great moneymaking ideas constantly.
Under Eye: I am open to receive fun, creative, profitable ideas.
Under Nose: I know intuitively which ones are right for me.
Under Mouth: And I put them into action quickly.
Collarbone: Every idea I put into action has a positive outcome.
Under Arm: Excellent ideas, quick action, great outcomes!
Top of Head: That’s what I choose for myself.

Take a deep breath.

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