Helpful Tips for Tapping in Public

By | January 12, 2016

As you practice tapping more and more, you might encounter a time when you feel a need to tap in public. Like while you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair, when you’re in a tense meeting, or any situation where you feel a need to release stress or frustration. Like many other people, you may not be comfortable launching into a full-blown tapping session where other people can see you.

There are six additional tapping points that can be used very discreetly in public settings. These points were part of the original “Basic Recipe” developed by Gary Craig. The procedure was called the “9 Gamut Procedure” and included tapping, eye-rolling, humming, and counting.

The full, official form of Emotional Freedom Techniques involved tapping one full round on the main points, doing the 9 Gamut Procedure, and then tapping another full round. Many practitioners have eliminated the 9 Gamut Procedure because in most cases it’s not necessary. Most of the time it’s only used when no progress is being made with the basic tapping points.

However, the finger points and “gamut point” used in the 9 Gamut Procedure can still be very helpful, especially for tapping discreetly in public.

Tapping Finger PointsEach tapping point is on the inside edge of the finger, in line with the base of the fingernail.

(Like the main tapping points, you don’t have to get it exactly right – just tapping in that general area will stimulate the point.)

The gamut point is between the ring finger and pinky finger, where the bones of those fingers come together in the hand.

Note about the ring finger point: Gary Craig originally had people skip the ring finger because tapping the gamut point stimulates that same point; however, I tap all of the fingers because I kept getting confused and forgetting to skip the ring finger.

You can either skip the ring finger or tap it like I do – either way will work just as well.

Here’s how to use these points:

Use one or two fingers of your dominant hand to tap lightly on the finger points and gamut point of your non-dominant hand. (The points are on both hands, so it doesn’t matter which hand you use to tap, but for most people it’s natural to use the hand they write with to tap on the other hand.) Tap firmly enough to feel it but not so hard that it’s uncomfortable.

You don’t have to tap the points in any particular order. I usually start with the thumb, then work my way along the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky finger, then the gamut point, and then I often tap the karate chop point on the outside edge of the hand too. Follow any format that seems best for you.

These points are very easy to tap while you’re sitting at a table or desk with your hands in your lap, or while you are on a bus or plane.

However, if you still feel too conspicuous about actually tapping these points, you can simply use your thumb to apply gentle pressure to each point several times (press, release, press, release, press, release) – it’s like a slow-motion form of tapping and still works.

I have to say, these points have grown on me over time! 🙂 I first learned about them when I learned the official version of EFT, but I focused most of my attention on the main tapping points.

I started using the finger and gamut points in the evening while I watched TV with my husband. I wanted to tap discreetly without him thinking I was crazy (as if he didn’t already know, right? ha!) and over time I started to really love these points! They’re incredibly easy to use in just about any situation – sometimes I even tap the sides of my fingers against the steering wheel if I get tense while I’m driving, and it works like a charm.

So give them a try and see how you like them. Again, it’s helpful to tune into the feeling you want to clear as you tap, just like you do when you’re tapping the main points. Just focus on how you’re feeling and mentally say it while you tap or press the finger points: “This tension; I feel anxious; I’m nervous,” etc.

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