I Don’t Have Time to Tap!

By | January 12, 2016

Once you’ve seen the dramatic benefits of daily tapping, you notice dozens of opportunities to use it on everything from aches and pains, to stress, to those little annoyances that come up several times a day.

The problem is, we’re all so busy that it can seem like a chore to squeeze one more thing in to an already-crammed schedule.

Do you tend to put off tapping “until you have more time”? And then you never actually DO have time to do it?

If so, get creative about squeezing in a few rounds of tapping whenever you can.

Here are some examples:

– After using the restroom and washing your hands, stand in front of the mirror and tap a few rounds on something that’s bothering you.

– When you first wake up in the morning, tap a few rounds while focusing on what a great day it’s going to be.

– Before you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, tap to clear feelings of stress and state your intention to eat mindfully.

– While watching TV, tap during the commercial breaks.

– While standing in line, mentally tap through the points to clear feelings of impatience. Tapping mentally actually does work! Just focus on the Karate Chop point and imagine tapping it while you mentally say, “Even though I’m getting impatient because this line is moving so slow…” Then imagine you are tapping on the eyebrow point, the side of the eye point, and so on.

– While stuck in a traffic jam, gently tap the side of your hand (Karate Chop point) on the steering wheel to release stress.

You may not always be able to squeeze in a full-length tapping session, but these mini sessions can really add up over the course of a day!

Most importantly, stop saying, “I don’t have time to tap.” All that does is create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, say to yourself, “I can always find a few minutes to squeeze in some tapping.” This will reduce stress and create a very positive self-fulfilling prophecy!

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