Surrogate Tapping for People and Animals

By | January 12, 2016

There are few things that make you feel as helpless as watching someone you love suffer, right?

Believe it or not, you can easily use tapping to help ease pain and discomfort for others – and yes, it really does work! Search on the internet for “surrogate tapping” and you’ll find tons of personal accounts from people who have used tapping very effectively to help others.

There are two basic ways to tap for others:

– Tap on Their Behalf

Tapping for someone on their behalf would be virtually the same as tapping for yourself, except you would direct your statements to someone else. You would start with the setup phrase, like this: “Even though Becky’s back is really painful right now, I deeply love and accept her. Even though Becky isn’t feeling so good right now, I’m going to tap for her and send some positive thoughts her way. Even though Becky is overwhelmed with pain right now, I love her very much and I want her to feel good.”

Then go through the points while saying a simple reminder, like: “Becky’s back pain. Becky’s back pain. I’m sure her back feels stiff. I’m sure it feels uncomfortable. I’m sure it’s causing her a lot of pain. Becky’s painful back…”

After tapping for several minutes on the “negative” aspects, then you can switch to more positive statements like these: “I would love to hear that Becky’s back feels so much better. I would love to see her feeling really strong and happy again. I can imagine her back being strong and flexible like it was when she was a kid. I love thinking about her being healthy and strong.”

– Tap from Their Perspective

You can also tap for a person or animal by “stepping into their shoes” so to speak, and actually speaking from their perspective. So, instead of saying, “Becky’s back pain” you would act as if you ARE Becky and say, “This back pain, my back is so painful, my back is so stiff…”

I find this technique to be really helpful when I’m tapping for children and animals. One of my cats often gets an upset stomach, and I tap for her while saying, “My tummy feels awful. All this gas and bloating. I don’t like feeling sick to my stomach…” And usually within minutes she appears to feel much better. 🙂

Do You Need Permission?

Some people who work with healing modalities insist that you should always get permission from someone before doing any healing work on them. In a way I do agree with this because it is the respectful thing to do most of the time – and let’s face it; not many people are going to turn down something that can help them feel better!

But I also believe that each person has the ability to subconsciously accept or decline healing energy when it is sent their way – even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. A person (or animal) must be open to receive healing energy before it will help them. And some people just aren’t open to it – perhaps they are too invested in their illness or pain to be ready to let it go. In which case, tapping may not help them.

I will leave it up to you whether you feel you should ask for permission to tap for others. Personally, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. My personal belief is that you can’t HARM anyone by tapping for them, in any case!

And the great side benefit to tapping for others is that it makes YOU feel better too! You clear out all of the negative energy that comes along with worrying about someone and feeling bad for them. Then you’re better able to “see” them as being whole and healthy again – which helps direct powerful, positive energy to that becoming reality.

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