When You Notice That You Don’t Feel So Good…

By | February 18, 2016

Have you ever suffered with something for days, weeks, or even months, and only later realized, “Geez, I could have tapped on this and cleared it up quickly!”

Maybe you had a headache that plagued you all day, and only later that evening you remembered to tap on it. Or maybe you had some nagging worries that kept eating away at you for a few weeks.

When you know how to tap, you don’t have to let things like this cling to you for any longer than a few minutes! You can immediately sit down and tap on them, clearing them away and returning to a state of peace, well-being and happiness.

The problem is, some of us aren’t very self-aware.

We may not notice right away when we start feeling bad. A headache or other pain can escalate so gradually that we don’t notice it until it becomes excruciating. We may be so focused on our work or other activities that we don’t notice the negative emotions bubbling beneath the surface until they get so strong that we almost can’t function!

If this has ever happened to you, I want to offer a few tips to help you deal with it better next time.

– Check in frequently to develop self-awareness.

With a little practice, you can develop stronger self-awareness. Simply keep checking in with yourself several times each day, paying attention to the way you feel. Ask yourself, “Am I upset about anything right now? Does my body feel okay? Am I worried about anything?”

If you notice that you don’t feel so good, whether emotionally or physically, tap on it immediately! If you can’t do a full tapping session, at least do what you can, even if you have to sneak into a bathroom stall for five minutes. Later you can do a more complete tapping session, but a brief session can at least take the edge off and help you get through the day more easily.

If you think you might forget to check in with yourself regularly, set up reminders on your phone or computer, or post sticky notes in obvious places. Over time, you will develop a habit of being tuned in to the way you feel so you won’t have to use reminders anymore.

– Tap on anything that is “staring you in the face.”

Before you even start your day, I encourage you to spend ten or fifteen minutes tapping on “whatever is staring you in the face.” In other words, sit down and ask yourself, “What’s going on with me right now? Am I worried about something that might happen today? Am I stressed about a busy schedule today? Am I still angry about the argument with my spouse last night?”

Whatever is most obvious (i.e. “staring you in the face”) tap on it! Tap to clear it out so it won’t be clinging to you all day long. If there are too many things and you don’t have time to tap on all of them, start with the biggest and most upsetting. Then continue with your day, feeling lighter and calmer.

– Tap to clear the disappointments of the day.

At the end of the day, check in with yourself again and ask, “Did anything happen today that upset me? Am I still stressed or worried or angry about something? Did someone really get on my nerves today?”

Whatever upsetting moments of your day seem to be sticking in your mind and body, be sure to tap on them. Tap on troubling feelings, physical symptoms, fears, worries, frustrations…you name it, if it’s bothering you, you can tap on it!

Doing these three things every day will help you to develop a strong sense of self-awareness. You’ll be able to tell instantly when you start feeling “not so good,” and you’ll have the confidence to DO something about it right away, instead of suffering with discomfort for hours, days, weeks, months, or even longer.

Tapping Script: I Don’t Feel Right

As you get used to checking in with yourself frequently, you may notice that sometimes you can’t seem to put your finger on anything that’s bothering you, but you will notice that you just don’t feel “right.” When this happens to me, I use words like, “edgy, antsy, restless, squirmy, twitchy…” I can’t really explain why I feel that way, I just don’t feel like myself, like something is bothering me even if I can’t put it into words. So I use a tapping script like the example below:

Karate Chop:

Even though I just don’t feel right, I love and accept myself.

Even though I feel like something is bothering me but I can’t identify exactly what it is, I choose to accept all of me right now.

Even though I feel so restless and twitchy right now and I don’t even know why, I completely love and forgive myself.

Eyebrow: I don’t feel right.
Side of Eye: I feel weird.
Under Eye: Off balance.
Under Nose: I don’t feel like myself.
Under Mouth: I can’t explain why.
Collarbone: I just don’t feel so good right now.
Under Arm: Something is bothering me.
Top of Head: I don’t know what.

Eyebrow: I don’t feel right.
Side of Eye: I don’t feel good.
Under Eye: I don’t feel at peace.
Under Nose: I feel like something is wrong.
Under Mouth: I just don’t feel like myself.
Collarbone: I hate feeling this way.
Under Arm: I hate this twitchy feeling.
Top of Head: I hate feeling so restless.

Eyebrow: I’m willing to release this feeling.
Side of Eye: Whatever it’s called.
Under Eye: It doesn’t even matter.
Under Nose: I’m releasing this discomfort.
Under Mouth: Releasing the restlessness.
Collarbone: Releasing the anxiety.
Under Arm: Releasing the edginess.
Top of Head: Releasing anything that’s bothering me.

Eyebrow: I’m willing to feel better.
Side of Eye: I’m ready to feel centered and calm.
Under Eye: I’m ready to remember that I’m safe.
Under Nose: Everything is okay.
Under Mouth: Even though I feel jumpy.
Collarbone: Even though I feel restless.
Under Arm: I’m still okay.
Top of Head: I choose to start feeling better.

Eyebrow: Tapping away the discomfort.
Side of Eye: Tapping away any negative feelings.
Under Eye: Tapping away any physical sensations.
Under Nose: Tapping away all fears and worries.
Under Mouth: Tapping to feel better now.
Collarbone: I’m willing to let this all go.
Under Arm: Willing to feel so much better now.
Top of Head: I’m bringing myself back to center.

(Pause here and take a deep breath.)

Eyebrow: Choosing to feel calmer now.
Side of Eye: Choosing to feel grounded now.
Under Eye: I’m letting go of all discomfort.
Under Nose: Emotional and physical discomfort.
Under Mouth: I’m letting go of mental confusion.
Collarbone: I’m letting go of stress and tension.
Under Arm: I’m choosing to feel more like myself.
Top of Head: I’m choosing to feel better starting now.

Eyebrow: I’m clearing away any last bits of resistance.
Side of Eye: Any resistance that was filling me up.
Under Eye: Resistance that kept me from feeling like myself.
Under Nose: I’m letting it all go now.
Under Mouth: Feeling much more like myself.
Collarbone: Feeling so much calmer and happier.
Under Arm: Feeling like I can handle anything.
Top of Head: Feeling so good.

Eyebrow: I’m letting go of all angst.
Side of Eye: Letting go of all discomfort.
Under Eye: Letting go of anything that bothers me.
Under Nose: Letting go of worry and doubt.
Under Mouth: Letting go of pressure.
Collarbone: The pressure to perform,
Under Arm: the pressure to be perfect,
Top of Head: the pressure to do more than I am capable of doing.

Eyebrow: I’m letting all of that go right now.
Side of Eye: I will do my best.
Under Eye: I will feel good while I do it.
Under Nose: I choose to be proud of myself.
Under Mouth: I accept myself, exactly as I am.
Collarbone: There’s nothing to feel bad about.
Under Arm: I am at peace with myself.
Top of Head: Feeling so good now.

Eyebrow: I choose to feel right.
Side of Eye: I choose to feel wonderful.
Under Eye: I choose to feel stable and grounded.
Under Nose: I choose to feel centered and strong.
Under Mouth: I choose to feel loved and supported.
Collarbone: I choose to feel in control of my life.
Under Arm: I choose to feel happy with myself.
Top of Head: I choose to feel right in every way.

(DEEP breath!)

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